Monday, November 1, 2010

Tuesday November 2, 2010


Amrap 15 min of:
10 Thrusters 95/65
10 KB Swings
10 Box Jumps

Warm Up:

3 rounds of:
30 second squat hold
10 Lunges (OH PVC)
30 seconds Sampson stretch
10 Muscle Snatches

Skill: Front Squat (PVC)

Mobility: Quad, Ham, Glute,


  1. Aw crap, someone divided by zero and we've gone back in time, haven't we!?!

    See everyone tomorrow for this WOD! (Wait, will it be tomorrow? or 2 weeks ago!?! I'm sooooo confused!)


  2. Rx'd @ 65#/16kG
    7 Rds - all thrusters and kbs unbroken

  3. Did shitty, Rx'd did 5 rounds + 3 kbs

  4. Top rounds, Tracey, Erin and Jacquie with 7 plus rounds each. Awesome work.

  5. Shitty, Steph? Damn...what's mine then? haha

    I WAS feeling pretty good about mine...

    Front Squat:
    All were easy with no problems. Should've gone heavier but still pretty beat from the weekend, and I think I'm getting sick...yee haw.

    5 rounds + 6 Thrusters, RX'd.
    All KB Swings to overhead with KB straight upside-down, as per Games standards. Box Jumps were toes-on only, not full-foot. Wish I had done them full-foot now, though!

    Feeling pretty damn tired, but feeling good from the WOD. Can't wait for tomorrow's!

  6. I pretty much 2nd everything Rich said. Same front squat (but I couldn't have gone heavier x5), only 4 rounds in the WOD Rx'd (95lb thrusters were a lot for me). I'm not getting sick though.

  7. The idea was to do medium weight front squats with a minds eye to technique and movement.
    Good job guys!