Thursday, November 11, 2010

Friday November 12 2010

5 rounds for time of:
400 meter run
95 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps

Skill: Overhead Squat

Warm Up:

Med Ball Catch
Piggy Back Rides
Inch worm



  1. Did my wod @ 5am.. Did starting strength (did not want the be running outside alone @ 5am-ya I am a scardy cat)
    BS 35x5,135x3,165x2 - 3x5@180#
    BP 45x5,65x3,95x2 - 3x5@110#
    DL 125x5, 175x3, 215x2 - 1x5@230#

  2. mr. tabata flogged me badly w/ squats. hip flexors ... demo'd.

    once I get my hips ungummed and 'normal' i'm coming for your pr mike. hahah ...

  3. Bring it baby! Nothing like thrashing the old guy to boost your ego eh?! LMAO Tim actually kicked ass he scored 161 first time at it and demonstrated that biking is great cardio.

    Great efforts all over today. John for not letting his ego get involved. Rob for a strong finish and Jess for sounding like Tracey during her last few reps. SOLID morning.

  4. Can I come in and do something less traumatic on my soleus? You can choose or I can just do push press PR, but running is painful.

  5. Mike: "This is going to take 30 minutes."
    Me: "reallllllyyyy?" (with some attitude)
    Mike: "OK Gui, you're doing it at 95#"
    Me: "ok"


    27:10 rx'd @ 95# OHS


  6. Soooo...

    1. I didn't get home from work until 20 to 6 today, so I couldn't make it to class today. Eff.

    2. Was going to do this one at home with my brother, but when I was practicing the OHSs my knee started to give out again. Eff x2.
    I wasn't even going to attempt RX'd for this one. I'm pretty sure that just one round of 15 OHSs at 95# would have taken me quite a while haha.

    3. So we decided to do 'Randy' instead. 5:10 RX'd (14 second PR!). Still rrreeeeaaaaalllllyyyy want to do Nancy tho! Hell, I'll settle for just doing some more OHSs haha.

    4. (most importantly) Good effing job Gui! Way to go hard!

    See everyone for tomorrow's class!

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  8. That med ball catch was great. Way more fun than CFHQ