Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sunday November 14 2010

Warm Up:
2 min out 2 min back
Movement pattern review.


Filthy Fifty


  1. 37:55 RX'd+ (if such a thing exists haha...did the KB Swings with a 45# instead of a 35#, because so many people were out today! Great to see!)

    Did all back extensions on the GHD, too.

    Set a new record for D/Us while I was at it, 47 in a row. And I definitely PR'd on the Filthy Fifty, too...first time I've done it RX'd, and a way better time than usual, too!

    All in all, a great day!

    Time to go ice my knee! haha

  2. is it bad that all I can think about is monday at 6am? and that i have signed up for the journal and spent this rainy day reading and watching everything i can get my hands on?
    urg ... at least my wife is understanding of my addictions?!

    see you at 6 mike...