Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 24 2010


Until you lose extension, please dead lift as much as you possibly can without soiling yourself or anyone else. Let's see some PR's!


  1. I plan on setting a Clean PR too...FYI!

  2. All of a sudden there's rules about bodily fluids. Really? I mean, honestly, can we say that we've truly deadlifted as much as we can if we haven't reached the point of soiling ourselves (or anyone else)?

  3. first time deadlifting for real weight ... ever.
    275 ... therefore a PR.

  4. are we doing a WOD too?? Cause I don't think it's gonna take me an hour to get to a PR... please???

  5. Lindsay there's a focus on technique. The hour goes by really quickly. 20 min for 3xCFHQ then about another 20 minutes to really work on technique and then 20 to work up to a PR.

    As you can see, I expected to try for a clean PR but didn't have any time...

  6. I see what we can do. I am sure we can arrange something.

  7. Did this one at the fools old globo today with my brother. Again, the meatheads make me laugh haha.

    Got to use the kilogram bumpers again, so that messed with me as well.

    40kg x5/60kg x3/110kg x3/160kg/180kg/200kg(f)/200kg

    The 200kg messed me up the first time, as I didn't realize how big of a jump I made haha.
    All pulls were good form. Really focused on keeping my back straight. Had to stop after the successful 200kg pull, because my hand was bugging me.
    Can't wait to get back into the box tomorrow!

  8. PR - 220# Deadlift (5# increase from previous PR) YAY!! :D

  9. Two PR's in the 6pm class, Shannon with 165# beating her previous by 10# and Arnold, deadlifting for the first time hit a SRM of 285#. Honourable mention to Jaquie who pulled 215# while narrowly missing 220#

    Congratulations guys!

  10. What an awesome day. WAY TO GO EVERYONE! Congrats to all of you who hit PR's One of my favourite things happened today. The noon class was all woman and everyone of them lifted heavy. I think a room full of woman all getting STRONG together is the coolest thing. Lucky again to be a part of it. Thanks