Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wednesday November 10, 2010

Back Squat
Front Squat
1 1 1 1 1

Warm Up:
3 rounds of:

Skipping 1 min
Squat Hold 2 min
Push Ups 10


  1. Sweeet, I love strength WOD's! See you bright and early for some PRs.

  2. BS- 35x5,85x3,125x2 - 175-185-195-205-215PR
    FS 35x5,85x3,105x2 - 125-140-150-160-170-175PR

  3. BS - 45x5,95x3,135x2,165,175,185,195F,185,195,205,210PR
    FS -

    Have some real flexibility issues with the BS (I can't hold balance and weight transfers to my toes), but none with the FS. It is very odd.

  4. Good morning so far. Tracey seems ot be the PR Queen these days. Once again attention to nutrition and consistent training appear to pay off.

    I hit a PR Front Squat this morning. 240. Pretty sure I can make 245, maybe tomorrow.

    Gui, it might be a straight up core/back strength issue as the placement of the bar on your back requires your torso to be less vertical then in the front squat.

  5. I am proud to announce I was notified I have the 2nd least flexible hamstrings at the box. Awesome! (wheres the sarcasm button?)

    This is a competition where I am not planning on winning ... hahah. More work to do ...

    Kip ups?

  6. Mike, I definitely think it's a lower-core torso issue, I've never really had any measurable strength there. I've gotta hit that roman chair for sit ups...

  7. AHHH Grasshoppers. Walk well, before you run.

  8. What I want to know is who has the first most flexible hamstrings in the box haha.

  9. *least flexible. LEAST.

    Me + typing = FAIL.

  10. Firstly, Rich, you're hilarious.
    Secondly, only having time enough to get Front Squats done, I made a PR of 140# - yippee!! :D

  11. Did this one at home with my brother and dad. Sharing a squat rack, so we only had time for OH and Front Squats (my Dad did BS and FS)

    My numbers:
    OHS: 45x5/65x3/95/105/115(f)/115

    Tied my PR (Which I set when I was 50lbs heavier!!!). I haven't done that in over a year! Finally figured out what was wrong with my OH squats...I was pulling the bar back waaaaayyyyy too far! I LOVE OHSs now!

    FS: 95x3/145/185/205/225/245
    ...might have tied my PR, I'll have to look it up. I think I also set that when I was 50lbs heavier.

    Yeah, yeah...I know I told you that I was going to rest, Mike. haha
    My knee was feeling great today though. Really wierd.

  12. I did a WOD for the 5pm class since there were too many people. WOD was 21-15-9 HSPU, One armed snatches #35, box junmps. Time was 10:25. I also stayed and did front squats.
    35x5, 85x3, 105x2, 125x1, 135x1, 145x1, 150F. Not sure if I made PR I can't remember if it was 140 previously I will have to check on that.