Sunday, October 31, 2010

Monday November 1 2010

20 Squats
20 Push Ups
20 K2E
20 D/U's
5 rounds.

Warm Up:
3 rounds of:
1 Min skipping
15 shoulder Rolls
10 Jumping Squats OH PVC

Shoulder Press



  1. Thanks for getting rid of the 200m run, I was not feeling being outside at 7am at -4C! See everyone in the morning (finally)!

  2. Well the complaining began last night so....

  3. I died a little today.
    But no run due to cold? Soft! haha...
    Just joking ... if you saw me today you'd know soft.
    I'll be back no doubt.

  4. Glad to see we're doing trainer-lead warm-ups!

    3 x 65
    2 x 85
    1 x 95
    1 x 100
    1 x 105 F
    1 x 102.4 PR
    1 x 105 PR

    WOD in 23:11 (three rounds rx'd and two with knee pushpus)

  5. LOL hhmmm not sure if we count rounds as Rxd there young Gui. LMAO

    Thanks for letting me join you this morning. My time was 17:24 RXD. I'll be honest I was expecting sub 15. Stupid Cardiom how I loath thee!! Anyway sub 15 should be the goal for all of you young BW stars out there.


  6. You did fine Tim. In no time you will be up to speed. Although the shoulder press was a little soft...LOL just kidding...maybe.... You did very well for a first effort, be a little proud that was a lot of K2E even for the more seasoned CrossFitters. I'll make sure you get a different look on Wednesday and we will carry on.

  7. 22:47 I believe.. 3Rx'd

    Sp - 45x5,55x3,65x2. 80-85-90-95-97.4F

  8. Sometimes I make my own rules. One day I'll Rx everything, one day...

  9. What does 3 Rx'd mean Tracey? Your time is accurate.

  10. 17:16, Push-Ups Rx'd, first round unbroken.

    S/P - I know there was a progression starting at 35x5, and finishing at 1x80. I failed at 82.4.

  11. Howdy folks. It is either Rxd or not. There is no middle ground. That means every push up rep is chest to ground, every squat is to the ball and every K2E hits the elbows. We don't count sections of the Wod?

    Rx'd is the holy grail. Let's all keep striving for it and leave our egos out of it.