Monday, November 22, 2010

Tuesday November 23 2010

3 rounds of:
15 x 95# Power clean
10 x 40# Goblet Squat
5 x 95# Thruster

Warm Up:
25 D/U's
There and Backs
Crab Walks
Piggy Backs
Inch Worm
Long Jumps
25 D/U's



  1. First Rxd WOD: Time 12:23 *i think
    did 10 extra Thrusters in first round...

  2. First rxd WOD as well. 12 and change and I feel like a wet, weak noodle of a man.

    And ana did a crazy amount of thrusters. Impressive.

  3. Did this one at home with my brother.

    6:21, scaled up on the Goblet Squats. I only have 1 pood and 1.5 pood KBs at home, and I didn't want to go light. So I did the GSs with the 1.5 pood (56#) KB. Man, what a good WOD!

    Power Cleans were killing my hand, but the good news is that it isn't broken. Just a bad sprain or's appointment part 2 coming later in the week to get a full diagnosis.

    Oh, and the warm-up was awesomely fun! haha
    Man, are Inch Worms hard! I haven't done those since I was a kid!

  4. Fun Wow. Adee killed this one 4:27 Rx'd. Honourable mention to Tracey at 5:08 and Jacquie at 5:30 or so. Good fun. Shit load of entertainment with the warm up.