Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November 25 2010

2 Muscle Ups
8 2 pood K/B Swings
Max rounds in 20 Min

Warm Up:
2 min skipping
Dynamic Stretching
2 x
1 min plank
1 min squats
1 min leg raises


  1. Warm up sounds terribly awesome!
    What if we can't do muscle-ups?

  2. Can't wait to use the new big KBs!

  3. wow.
    that was hard ...

    I think I got 7 + 1kb swing

    Despite tracey almost convincing me to try the big kettle bell I went smaller because ... i'm smaller.

  4. 11 rnds.

    Started off with unassisted ring dips, third round in went single band assist.
    HSPU - BAS
    45# KB

  5. Did 7 rds + 1 rd of muscle up substitution.
    Did unassisted ring dips (which is why my rounds are so low, probably took me about 2 minutes to do 8 ring dips, but you have to start somewhere)
    Rx'd HSPU
    and went heavy with the kettle bell swinging 50#.

  6. First WOD this week for Fooks sake anyway 14 rds 72# bell and HSPU to the silver pad.

    Congrats to Tim. First muscle up's this morning.

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  8. Walking into the box, I didn't realize that today would be one of those days that would completely deflate me, and push me almost to a breaking point emotionally.
    I'm frustrated. Plain and simple. And I'm pissed off. I'm sick of nagging injuries form other activities that are holding me back from performing better (or at all, in the case of tonight). I was excited - probably more than I ever have been - to work my way through the WOD tonight. I love doing muscle-ups, I love doing HSPUs, and I absolutely, adoringly, oh-man-these-are-the-best-thing-ever-ingly LOVE playing with heavy kettlebells!
    But, my hand felt like it was on fire while I was trying to do this WOD. And "trying" is even being polite. If I were an animal, I'm sure I would have been put down out of compassion, as I pathetically tried to do muscle-ups and HSPUs. Even my pull-ups and dips were sad, when I realized I couldn’t even do a jumping muscle-up to save my life tonight. All that in mind, I suppose a new term would be more appropriate for my "efforts" tonight: I'm going to call it "Idioting".
    I call it Idioting because Mike was right. I was being an idiot. I wasn't paying attention to my body. I wasn't listening to the physical pain that was telling me "Hey dumbass, maybe you should stop doing that". I was trying to be a hero, as I always like to say. I sat there, repeatedly trying to get a muscle-up (which I can normally do), and repeatedly failing because of a lack of anything resembling the ability to grip the ring properly with my hand.
    Thankfully Mike wizened me up. Thankfully Mike is a superb coach, trainer and friend to be able to tell me to stop when I should know better to myself. Sorry, Mike, but I was busy Idioting.
    Tonight was one of those ‘moment of epiphany’ WODs for me, when I realized that something had to change. I had to stop. I had to quit. I had to suck it up and take the DNF and realize that there is a time and a place for pushing through pain and discomfort, and there is a time to realize that the pain isn’t just the pain of working hard - it is the pain of a legitimate injury. It is the pain of the body unable to continue, regardless of what the mind (and the ego) would wish.
    Tonight made me realize that I need to focus on recovery and taking it easy on my hand, even it if affects my training for a while. While this may be a temporary road black on my road to performance improvement, in the long run it’s better than aggravating an already problematic injury, and leading to further complications and problems.
    However, tonight made me realize (most importantly) the depth and severity (I use that in a good way) of the community we have at Crossfit Guelph. It made me realize that we are all family there, united by our struggles, our efforts, and our successes. I have not been asked by more people how my hand is than by the people I see each day I’m at CFG. I have not been given more encouragement, assistance, and advice than by the people at the box. Crossfit is hard. There is no mistaking that. The challenges and struggles we put ourselves through on a daily basis during a WOD is far more than most people would ever willingly subject themselves to. But, it is because of the community - the camaraderie, the brotherhood, and the bonds created by mutual suffering - that I can get through every WOD, every struggle, every injury, and keep coming back for more.

    I have a Crossfit manifesto that I borrowed from Crossfit Catalyst, that I try to follow each and every day. One of the points is to “do things less that harm you, and do things more that benefit you”. I need to follow that more strictly. I need to take the time to heal, and stop harming myself. I’ll find other ways to benefit myself in the meantime.
    Thankfully, I know I can count on everyone at CFG to keep me in line!

  9. Sorry for the epic long post. I needed to get that off my chest.

    In lieu of Nate, I did 20 reps of 225# Back Squat for time. 3:57
    My goal is to do them unbroken, in less than a minute.

    See everyone tomorrow. I'll 100% be taking it easy on my hand, whatever the WOD is.