Thursday, November 18, 2010

Friday November 19 2010

3rd Year Anniversary Wod
21 15 9
Ring Dips
D/L's BW

This is the first official WOD at Rebel Fitness On Wyndham. I think it was all the equipment we had as well. Limited weight no pull up bars. Good times. Some of us have done this wod every year. I think our times are improving. Anyway. It is short and sweet. See you tomorrow. Looking forward to sharing it with all of you. We will be returning to trainer led wods. It seems we all enjoyed them.

Warm Up
3 rounds of:
15 D/U's
5 slow squats
10 dynamic tension D/L's
4 Burpies


  1. guys said ring pull-ups the other night. A little confused, were we? haha (Maybe it was the long day? :D)

    Looking forward to this one tomorrow, ring pull-ups or dips! ...But hopefully pull-ups! ;)

  2. don't be fooled into thinking its dips ...
    it's pull up time.

  3. Sorry for all the confusion. You would think that I would know what the darn WOD was. Anyway, thanks to the 6:00 am group for letting me play with them. Time was 6:27 Rxd.

  4. 14:19 D/L @ 185#

    Did some pretty awful "kip" pull-ups for the first round of 21, then had to do the 3 second hold for the rest.

    Happy Birthday!! (as I said to Mike, 3 years and 3 times as large)

  5. 9:33 RX'd. Effing unreal WOD!

    I had a lot of fun with this one. First time doing ring pull-ups. I love them!

    Not gonna lie, I was chasing Chris S's time. I wanted to beat him, and try to catch Mike. Very, very happy to say that I finally beat you Sinclair! Haha I just need to get a ton better at ring pull-ups so I can catch Mike!

    Feeling great and loving Crossfit more than ever! Happy anniversary CFG! Here's to a lifetime of Crossfitting!

  6. Yay! What a fun day... Got a PR of 8:44 Rx'd @ 135
    All deadlifts and squats unbroken

  7. good times! fun to finally get the blender working. thanks to all of you who made it out. I think we will allow everyone who missed it the opportunity to do it Saturday