Sunday, November 7, 2010

Monday November8 2010

4 rounds of:
5 Power Cleans @ 75% of 1RM
25 D/U's.


Power clean to failure
Warm Up-1x5,1x3,1x2

Warm Up
4 rounds of:
1 Min Skipping
10 Squats
3 Ring Dips
5 Push Ups


  1. An interesting morning...

    Brought a little early morning attitude with me and got myself 20 burpees...always a good start to your day!

    Then a Hang Clean PR @ 165 (45x5,65x3,95x2,115x1,135x1,145x1,155x1,165x2,170F..that 170 is just waiting for me)

    Then in a rush to put weight on I mistakenly loaded 115 on the bar (which is less than 75%), the result:

    WOD in 3:33 @ 115#

    after Mike pointed out my mistake I felt I had to correct for it and so after a 5 min rest:

    WOD (round 2) in 4:08 @ 125# Rx'd

    Another fun Monday morning!

  2. 4:10@ 105# could not do double unders very well this morning.. I blame the rope!


  3. Thanks! The numbers are there for you to chase tonight Ryan. It can be done! haha

  4. And did I say hang clean? that is not true - I meant power clean...

  5. I only did the WOD once, but 4:40 at 135# (82% Max)

  6. 5:55 @ 165. Cleans felt good. Couldn't do D/U's to save my time. SHould have been easily sub 5. Heaved a few of the last cleans but generally form was solid.

    Great job everyone. Shout Out to Adee 135 clean!

  7. Alright Ryan, it's on.

    We should make a bet - first to clean 200#.

  8. Did this one at home (well, at the globo...ugh) with my brother tonight before soccer.

    Got to use fancy new kg bumper plates, which was a plus. The math work was a wod in itself though haha.

    Power Cleans:
    20kg x5/40kg x3/50kg x2/60kg/70kg/79kg/83.6kg/85.86kg(PR!)/88kg(f)

    Was so close on the 88, but I pulled with my arms a TON. Got to get out of that habit!

    4:45.13 RX'd @64.52kg (142#)

    Rds 1,3,4 unbroken D/Us, Rd 2 got 8/15.
    PCs slowed me down a ton. No chalk, which sucked. Had to reset fully after almost every rep. Want to try this one again with chalk and my usual rope at the box, and see how much the difference is.

    Good news is, I'm feeling less sick today than I have been! Looks like eating Paleo, sleeping well, and doing Crossfit helps!