Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wednesday November 3, 2010

21 15 9
OHWL 45# plate
Ring Dips

Warm Up:
3 rounds of:
1 Min D/U's
10 Pull Ups
1 Min H/R

HSPU/Levers/Ball Ups/Hollow Body


  1. life is complete. i got to use the rings!
    now to actually USE them ... haha.

    umm. hollow rock? hahah. haha. ha. so hard.

  2. Rx'd @ 135/35# plate - 15:52
    All DL unbroken, most ring dips were singles loL... Couple doubles in there though

  3. you're a hip flexor murderer! After yesterday's slaying I can't get in today (literally)

  4. Maybe you went to heavy on the Front Squats? Is this why you owe Burpies?
    I just saw the note on the board.

  5. 175/45# plate - 15:31
    Dips were done with a band. Really wanted to try without today and just tough it out, but it wasn't happening. Deadlifts are not a favourite...

  6. 115/35# plate - 15:04 (methinks)
    Single band assist for ring dips. I can't wait until I'm strong enough to lose the band - it just gets in the way!!

  7. 125/35 place - 7:14
    Single band assist ring dips, anyone have any suggestions for non assisted ring dips unassisted, i am stuck in limbo bands are too easy and I can only do about 10 broken and then I die.

  8. Do unassisted ones in every warm up then! Or do way more than 10 using a band each round... When doing wods with rx'd ring dips I sometimes have to do a walking lap of the gym to let my arms rest enough to be able to get the next rep. Each time I do a WOD my reps are getting a little better..

  9. 15:19 RX'd

    Ring dips really slowed me down, as usual. Love the deadlifts, though!

    Gui, you and I should spend some time with my friend "Picking up heavy shit off the ground" haha.

    Oh, an I smashed my chin off the pull-up bar while doing butterfly pull-ups. I did bang out 8 in a row tho!

  10. LOL Good call Rich!

    I deem tomorrow to be a strength day!

  11. Great fun today. Wicked efforts all around.

    What do we all think of having trainer guided workouts? I believe they bring a little more umph to the class and free up more time for skill, strength, technique training. Anyway, feedback is appreciated.

    I gave my self credit for having worked out today. I did the warm up 6 times. If you have any objections....You can leave them in pukies bucket. LMAO

  12. Not entirely sure what at CrossFit isn't a "strength day", lol... but can Friday be a "strength" day too?

    I don't want to miss out!

    Rich - depends what the heavy shit is and what's in it for me haha.

    And Mike - on another note I think if you could look at getting up a CrossFit guelph forum that would be awesome. The blog is great, but the forum would allow us to keep track of paleo challenges and the like and we could open up discussions on a whole variety of things. Just a suggestion - you can get one for free (and just live with the banner ads).

  13. Can you clarify trainer guided workouts? I do owe about 35 burpees but in my defense I was completely unaware of the new rules. I'm also thinking of just owing 100 and then just coming in and doing the 100 burpee WOD. Can I apply for whining amnesty? Perhaps get a special international diplomat passport? If I don't whine I will have very little to say during workouts

  14. p.s. that post was not me whining

  15. Hey that's a great idea Gui. Ryan, I hope you are not too torn up. Thrusters pound the hell out of me as well.

  16. Ryan, perhaps guided is not the correct word as we will be participating. I feel we have become a little to laissez faire and the concept seems to work. It is more efficient, and the intensity has been higher. The movements will always be simple so the need for technical direction is negligible. Any feed back is appreciated. I know I put a warm up together a few ago that didn't get people warm enough.

  17. I can't figure out how to edit the comments. But I do know when too is appropriate.

  18. I just know we have discussed in the past that trainers cannot be pushing people if they are doing the WOD (à la guy in the park who was leading the boot camp and talking the entire time....and then called you a pervert). This will perhaps be the different from leading a WOD. I trust that you've pondered the options, and of course I'd love to watch you sweat a little and pass out after the WOD! Don't worry about my hips, I'm still young and sprightly. You seem quite humble tonight, you're not sitting at home alone getting drunk on Paleo beer are you? If so, you're always welcome to stop by, we've got some of your German beer still.

  19. LMAO. Warm up and Wod are different. Way past my bedtime but the leafs just killed a penalty in overtime. 1 min to go and a shoot out looming.

  20. Well if we're posting victories. This was the first wod ever for me where I did assisted ring dips, instead of box dips. Hoorah.