Monday, January 31, 2011

Tuesday February 1, 2011

Snatch 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Wod 21 15 9 At 60% of max
Jumping Pull Up with negative
Alternating Pistols

Warm Up:

There and back
Knees high
Fanny wackers

Squat hold.

Burgener x 3


  1. 9:50. hands just aren't getting a break, they're torn to pieces. good first nooner for me!

  2. Good on you, very nice work Tim.

    Am I really going to have to start posting the numbers here myself again.

  3. I feel like a douche being the only one posting!

    errr... 14:50 or something like that?

    chinups were done hanging by the finger tips to spare the wimpy hands from damage.
    snatches done with pathetic flexibility

  4. Tim. P intentionally or unintentionally forgot to mention that he rx-plus-some'ed the WOD. Its not really my business to share this, but I will anyways. Tim tacked ring rows in after pull ups, completing both options...

  5. LMAO yeah man. You are right Tim that deserved to be outed. We have some strong athletes coming along. Lindsay was rocking tonight?

    To bad people spend their time on Facebook rather then posting their numbers.

  6. My time was I believe 15:40

    Did the snatches at 65 lbs

    Unfortunately my left legged squats were pretty rough and needed some help

  7. Ok fine.. I'll post.

    17 and change

    Snatches at 75#

    Physio on my shoulder still working on overhead flexibility. Today when I went to the session after CF she looked really concerned...some impingement in my shoulder. More things to fix! Yay!

    Oh and Mike... Starting Strength starts We'll see how she goes!

  8. Ouch on the shoulder Gui maybe snatches were not the best idea. Eat big, lift heavy.Really heavy 3 x 5's are fun in a masochistic kinda way. Enjoy