Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February's Dedication - Attendance and Technique

As we role into February I want to focus on two things. Attendance and Technique. It will be a band free month so prepare for lot's of Ring Rows and negatives. The goal is to get as many of us doing Pull Ups by months end as possible. I am going to be even more vigilant about technique this month. Be prepared to hear NO REP!

We have some interesting events planned. Mark Gleason will be paying us a visit to work on our Olympic Lifts. Mark and I went through our certification process together back in 2007 and he has since gone on to specialize in O lifting. Time and Date TBA.

There is a Team Challenge set for Saturday Feb 26th Sign up on the whiteboard and some more bring a friend days Feb 12 and 19th. Both Saturdays.

Also, we are running a new CD challenge. Submissions in by months end. We will start playing them first week in March and the winner will be decided by popular vote. A funky new design T shirt to the winner.

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