Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wednesday January 12 2011

Max rounds in 10 Min of:
10 Wall Ball
5 Ring Dips

Warm Up:

Skill Squat Cleans. Work to 1x5 with about 80% of max. Perfect form.


  1. Cleans were done at 155lb. I used my p. clean max cause we haven't done squat cleans in a while.

    5 rounds + 10 WB

    Loved the HSPU. Can't wait until I get one Rx'd so I can join the next HSPU challenge.

    In other news I'm finally seeing a physio for my shoulder. My right serratus anterior has a nerve palsy and is slow to fire/doesn't fire completely so I just need it to get stronger to help it figure itself out.

  2. deceptively hard wod ...
    thought "great, I can recover with the wall balls ... " ... err not so much.

    think I got 6 + 2 WB rx'd.

  3. So did you do power cleans or squat cleans Gui?

  4. Squat Cleans. We didn't find maxes so I had to estimate my squat clean max based on my power clean max. I just added 5#. But I did Squat Cleans and apparently really well, don't worry!

  5. Day 2 of Week 2 of the hybrid Strength & Conditioning Program:

    Power Cleans 5x3
    45x5/89x3/111x3 warm up, then work sets of 158x3x5
    Really hitting full extension well and popping the bar right up. Pulling with my arms a bit as I begin to fatigue, but nowhere near as bad as usual. I'm expecting to be doing my current 1RM for at least 3 in a few weeks.

    Ring Dips 3x Max Reps
    Did these weighted at 10# (wasn't sure on what weight to use...never done these weighted before)
    10/9/8...gotta go heavier next time I think!

    Then a quick WOD. We did:
    For time:
    400m run
    20 Back Squats @ 95#
    15 Pull-ups
    10 Clean & Jerk @ 95#
    5 Ring Dips

    Fast and furious. 5:01 RX'd.
    Fun WOD...I highly recommend it if you want something quick and killer!

    I'll be in at CFG tomorrow for some skill work and a quick WOD! I'm VERY excited to see everyone again!