Monday, January 10, 2011

Tuesday January 11, 2011

Amrap 15 min of:
BW DL x 10
5 burpees
KB Swings x 5-2 Pood

Warm Up
Dynamic Stretching
Then 5 rounds of:
Up and go
5 Ring Dips
10 Squats


  1. urg ... 2 pood swings decimate me.
    RX'd w/ 7 rds + 3(?) DL's.
    DL's @ 155# (BW is 150#)

  2. D/L @ 115# , 45# KB >> 10 rounds.

    This WOD winded me in a way I didn't think possible...
    What's a few deadlifts, burpees and KB swings??? :s

  3. D/L -175' 80 lb KB, 7+1DL

    New PR bench press - 200#

  4. great job today. those of you posting feel free to harass those who are not. Way to go on the PR Rob, gret job Tiff and Tim.

  5. D/L - 135, 50 lb KB, 9 rounds even

    The burpees really got me!

  6. Week 2 of the S&C program for me.

    3x5 Back Squats
    45x5/95x5/155x3 for warm-up, then work sets at 235x5x3
    Last set felt GREAT and came up easily. I'm definitely getting stronger!

    3x5 Press
    Bumped the load up quite a bit from last week, because it was too light.
    45x5/65x3 warm-up, then 100x5x3 work sets. Looking forward to another bigger than usual jump next week, as these were still going good.

    Then did 3x Max rep dead-hang pull-ups and got 9/6/5. I can't wait to re-test my kipping pull-ups, because I think I can easily crack 25 after I'm done this program. My current PR is 20.