Thursday, January 20, 2011

Friday January 21 2011

7 rounds for time of:
Hang squat clean 15 reps
15 Push-ups
Post load and time to comments.

Warm Up:

15 min get warm.

Hang Clean


  1. This workout was awesome!
    Did the hang squat cleans at 75# and finished in 21:08
    Worked up to a 130 hang squat clean - didn't attempt any heavier

    Have a good weekend everyone!!

  2. Still trying to get use to doing lifts at my gym - no chalk and being unable to drop the bar makes things go a little slower! Did first 2 rounds at 75#, my knee started hurting so did the remainder at 65#. Finished in 24 something... No bleeding hands this time at least

  3. Nicely done Adee! most impressive. I am VERY proud of how you all showed in Kitchener.