Thursday, January 6, 2011

Friday January 7, 2011

AMRAP 30 min of:
25 D/U's
Increase Weight each round, score total rounds and total load over head.

If you fail before the 30 minute cap , complete Wod at your last successful lift. Weight may not touch ground in between movements. If you do not complete a set of three you must start again at 1 and incur a 3 burpie penalty. Choose loads wisely.


  1. So, just so I can get this straight...

    It's 3 x 1 Clean, 1 FrontSquat, 1 OHSquat, 1 BackSquat and 1 OHSquat?

  2. Rich has enlightened me that it is just getting it overhead, not necessarily doing a squat...which makes sense if you're going to move from FS to BS.

  3. That was just my guess, based on previous WODs ;)

    I miss you all at the box, btw...just sayin'.

    I'm going to try and make it in on Sunday morning, for a 3rd conditioning day this week.

  4. clean, front squat, bar over head, back squat, bar over head. then you can touch the ground.
    repeat three times.

    i was cautious on this one ... had no idea what to expect but at 14 rds fatique was there. didn't fail so should have done a bit heavier of weight. skipped 60 and 70 perhaps to make it into 125/135 range. who knows?


  5. The protocol is as TIm has stated.
    45/65/75/85/90/95/00/105/110/115/120/125/2x130 12 2/3 rounds total 3650.

    Also could have gone heavier. Wanted to hit 135. PC and SJ the last round of 130. All other rounds were done as Squat cleans with thruster and back squat with thruster.

  6. Good strategy on that one, Mike, with the SC to Thurster and BS to Thruster! I would've done the same.

    Back to the S&C program tonight after a rest day yesterday
    Did 3x5 Back Squats
    45x5/133x5/175x5 and the work sets 240x5x3
    Last work set felt really, really good and came up super easy.
    Then 3x5 Bench Press
    45x5/95x5 then work sets 135x5x3
    Should've gone a bit heavier maybe, but I would rather start low and work my way up over the weeks.
    Finished with 3x Max Reps Ring Dips
    Almost double digits all the way through! Going to be weighting those soon!

    Missing CFG as always, and can't wait to be back, although I'm enjoying the hell out of lifting a lot of heavy shit right now haha