Monday, January 3, 2011

January 4 2011

Max Dead Lift
1 1 1 1 1
15 12 9 of:
K2E, Hollow Rock, Double Unders

Warm Up:
Dynamic Stretches
3 rounds of:
Sprint,Sprawl,Push and Rock.


  1. 3:43 ::: those hollow rocks are something fierce, especially when following K2E - yeash!!

  2. Just when u think your core strength is improving good old hollow rock slaps u in the face!
    On a good note PR Dead 395Ibs

  3. 4:17 with hollow-rocks that were definitely not hollow.

    New Deadlift PR 315! Old PR was 275.


  4. pr dead of 315 as well.
    'the not so hollow rock' at the end was brutal.

  5. Nice effing job on the PRs guys!

    I started my 8-week hybrid strength & conditioning program tonight.

    Did 3x5 Back Squats and 3x5 Press, followed by 3x Max reps of deadhang pull-ups

    Squats: 245x5/225x5/225x5
    *These were supposed to be all the same weight, and I realized after the first set that I was trying to be a I went lighter. I'll get well above 245x5 by the time I'm done. For now, I need to focus on building that strength!

    Press: 85x5/85x5/85x5 ...should probably have gone heavier on these, but I was worried about where I'd end up weight wise at the end.

    Pull-ups: 8/5/5 ...need to get back to doing more pull-ups again!

    Power Cleans, Ring Dips and a short metcon tomorow!