Sunday, December 5, 2010

Monday December 6 2010

CrossFit Football take 2
Time to start retesting. The percentage increase or decrease in weight moved relative to bodyweight multiplied by your attendance. Winner takes the pot.


  1. Squat:175# PR, DL: 205#PR, Clean 105#PR, Bench:80# PR--Today hit all PRs !!!!

  2. Awesome Ana!
    I was going to try and cheer you on but then my stomach tried to jump out my mouth so I thought better.

  3. Forgot that I have soccer tonight, so alas, I'm missing out tonight. I'll have to do the Total tomorrow.

    Is it a bad thing that I hate it when other things interfere with my Crossfitting? Is it a bad thing that I'd give up soccer to do more WODs???

  4. Some big numbers tonight on the Total. Sinclair and Thomas kicked some serious ass. Congrats also to Ana, Prs across the board. Adee very solid on a 215 Back Squat as well