Monday, December 13, 2010

Tuesday December 14 2010

Three rounds of:
10 Deadlifts
50 Situps

Warm Up

Dynamic Stretching
Then 3 rounds of:

30 Seconds Skipping
5 Burpies
30 Seconds Squat hold
5 Push Ups (slow)
30 Seconds Bicycle
50 Dips


  1. 4:47 @ 205#
    PR in DL @ 300# (2 x BW)
    good times for sure.

  2. This was a great WOD!

    I did the mainsite version, with 30 GHD Sit-ups each round instead of the regular situps.

    8:44 RX'd @ 275# for the D/Ls. Was going to do 315# after I saw Sinclair did that weight, then realized I should probably go lighter to make it more of a sprint style WOD (with Mike's guidance, of course).

    First two rounds of D/Ls were unbroken, and 5/5 on the 3rd. GHDs started out strong but by the last round my legs were jelly, as was my core.

    Again, this was a great WOD!

  3. Also, I just watched the video of Mikko doing this WOD.

    He is not human. I want his capabilities! It's been my goal for a long time, but that video made me even hungrier to get there sooner!

    I wish I had watched it before the WOD, to pump me up! haha