Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday December 11,2010

Warm Up:
15 Minutes "Get Warm" Then:
Something you suck at for 10 Minutes
Then, 30 minutes to complete in any order as many of the following as possible:

1000 rep challenge:
100 Pull Ups
100 Squats
100 Hollow Rock
100 Lunges
100 Push Ups
100 D/U's
100 KB Swings
100 Shoot Throughs
100 K2E
100 DIPS


  1. This WOD needs to be thought out and planned well on how to attack it which was the total opposite of i how i choose to do it! Good job today everyone! Tim your a machine! Hope your T-shirt shrinks in the dryer! :)

  2. LMAO, Awesome display of fortitude and tenacity this morning. Tim "cardio" Plunket dominated the Wod scoring a solid 777. Shannon first among the woman with a very respectable 690. Let's get some feedback on the best way to tackle this one. What strategies or lack thereof did everyone come up with ?

  3. Did 50/50 D/U's and squats to start ...
    Then 25/50/50 Push ups, squats, D/U's ...
    After that started in on groups of 20 for KB's, Hollow rocks and Lunges and groupings of 10 for pull ups, dips and K2E. Was down to doing 5's for dips/pullups/K2E by the end.

    Worked my strengths and did the least in the 3 exercises I knew would kill my total body strength (K2E, Pull ups and dips).

    That all said ... it is how it panned out. I didn't have a plan going in I just sorta listened to my body and chose exercises that would give a destroyed body part a chance to recover.