Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thursday October 7 2010

Warm up:
5 min out 5 min back.
Bench press
Bench press



  1. Bench press 2 days in a row = owie!
    35x5,55x5,85x5 - 95x3-105x2-110x1

    Worked on mobility for 15 minutes - upper body

    Wod - 7 rds + 3 shoot throughs
    1st 2 rds on low parraletts, rest on high paralettes
    Did a few butterfly kipping pull ups each rd for practice... Smacked my chin on the bar once... Awesome!

  2. Relaxed fun morning.

    Shannon just missed a PR at 80#'s as did Kym!

    Ryan, first time in 140/145 will have to double check. He did well for being a runner and all. LOL

    Rob, one of my favourites tied his Pr 190 and just missed 195.

    I jumped in as well as I am giving my back an extra rest day after heavy squats on tuesday. Hit a Pr of 210 up five and just maybe I might have been able to BP 215. Might still give it a try later on.