Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sunday October 31 2010

5 rounds of:
50 Walking lunges
Max set of pull-ups
20 Push-ups
Post times and reps to comments.

If you are using a band the same rules apply as for unassisted pull ups. All reps must be chin over bar and continuous. If you stop you are done.


  1. Relaxed Sunday morning WOD. Everyone did a super job!

    Amanda 8/9/7/6/6 = 36 pull ups 21:21
    Mark 15/10/6/10/6 = 37 pull ups 23:17
    Arnold 12/10/9/8/6 = 45 pull ups 20:20
    Mike 7/5/6/6/5 = 29 pull ups 26:14

  2. I didn't make it in for 10am so I did my own little version outside at the park. It was more than a little cold and I'm still nursing something in my left arm, so I shortened it to three rounds.


    The pull-up playground bar was pretty wide...and I would also normally use a band so I just gave it my best.