Thursday, October 7, 2010

Friday October 8, 2010

Warm Up:
12 Min.
2X Burgener
Snatch Balance

Run 400 M
30 Pullups
Run 400M
30 Box Jumps
Run 400M
30 Hang Power Snatches 135/95/55
Run 400
Ring Push Ups


  1. Snatch Balance

    Most of my snatch balances were kind of pressy (the second rep was to try to eliminate the press)
    so the last few reps (100-110) weren't pretty. Need to practice this one over and over at a lighter weight so I'm not afraid of dropping under the bar

    WOD - 75# Ring Push Ups 20:14
    Failed 2 of the ring push ups so had to do over..
    hate running!

  2. Good Morning:

    Beautiful efforts this morning.
    Ana 23:56 5@ 55 rest @ 35
    Vanda 23:19 25# Great job with the split snatch!
    Gui @ 65# 20:08. Remember to finish each rep.
    Tracey 20:14 @ 75. Solid effort as always and now has the number one attendance spot. Ahead of Ana by a day or two.
    Beth Very nice spilts. FINISH! ( Hip extension) 21:22 35#
    Wayne 22:26 35. Solid return after the dead lift Wod.
    Jess 35# 23:35 Keep those knees pressed out.
    John 21:24 @45 Keep that back ankle up!

    Good job all. lets see how the rest of the day goes.

  3. For the Snatch balances I stayed at a lower weight, we did a lot of shoulders this week, and my arm kept going numb.
    As for the WOD I think my time was about 19:20, again I stayed at a low weight for the snatches with the same arm going numb, and did ring push ups. I agree with Tracy, I hate running. Now off for a few days to recover my shoulder (I actually have to work).