Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wednesday October 13 2010

1 mile run
100 Pull Ups
200 Push Ups
300 Squats
1 mile run

The run is from the box down Bagot to London and back.


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  2. Belinda 47:22 100 regular push-ups then 100 knee push ups
    Chris Cox 47:44

    We guestimated Mercer as the mile instead of London.

  3. Isn't Murph supposed to be push-ups instead of sit-ups?

  4. 1:10:47 Rx'd
    All push ups were chest to ground, 109 Were strict tricep push ups, 36 were hands out wide, rest were unload @ bottom. Looking forward to doing this one when pull ups are stronger. Back was extremely tight through the squats and didn't losen up until the last half mile.
    Met pukie....yum.

  5. Morning Results, and thanks for letting me play along.

    Claudia 1:01:52
    Ana 57:52
    John 1:04:00
    Kym 1:07:40
    Beth 52:00
    Me 48:43 Rxd
    Susan 1:06:00
    Tracey 1:10:47 rxd
    Jodi 53:08 Way to go!
    Joanne 55:54
    Adee 54:02
    Jacquie 51:55
    Tiffany 50:52
    Gui 53:05
    jess 1:03:00

    I am not sure about the rxes out there as I was kinda busy doing the wod. Let me know so I can update.

  6. Haha.,.. I also did it as written.. thought that was how it was suppose to be done. Next time I will break it up so my muscles get a break!

  7. Dawn 58:09 basp
    Mary 53:44 Basp KPU
    Jane 53:30 Basp KPU
    Amanda 38:12 Basp Kpu
    Caitlin 42:36 rx
    Colin 57:10 Basp
    Heather 57:59 basp
    Mark 51:32 Basp
    Arnold 59:40 Basp some Kpu
    Mike 1/2 Murph 54:40 JPU KPU
    Perry 43:26 Rxd
    Steph 43:30rxd
    Tonya 1:01:17
    Chris S 46:02 Basp
    Zan 48:35 rxd
    Drew 1:00:45 rxd
    Lindsay 50:10 1/2 Kpu
    Ricky 51:17 Basp
    erin 43:51 Basp
    Rich 58:43 rxd

  8. 58:43 RX'd
    Did it 'Cindy' style (20 rounds of 5/10/15).
    Runs were pretty slow, as were squats (I'm worried about the knee still...don't want it to act up again. Glad it was fine tho, so I can stop being a pansy haha).
    Push-ups are getting much, much better. Didn't have to break them up until the 15th round.
    Need to work on pushing through the discomfort and taking less breaks. It's all in my head.
    Great WOD!
    RIP Murph.