Sunday, October 17, 2010

Monday October 18 2010

Warm Up
3 rounds of
10 wall Ball
20 D/U's
10 Squats

Front Squat
3 rounds of:

5 Handstand Push Ups
10 Clean 135/95 pounds
5 Ring Dips

20 min max


Top to Bottom


  1. BS - 35x5,85x5,125x3,145x2 - 3x5@160#
    WOD - KHSPU, 95# 10:25
    Now takes me almost 20min to bike to the space booo to moving!

  2. Great classes this morning. Squat cleans are a work in progress. This week will be as Rxd week. We need to make sure everyone is clear as to what this means. Wods will be capped for time and kept relatively simple.

  3. Every week should be as RX'd week!

    Wod felt good today, albeit a little slow on the HSPUs. They're a work in progress again. Did the Cleans at 115#, as I want to perfect the technique some more.

    15:21 was my time. HSPUs were coming one at a time by the second round...ugh.

    Off to Florida tonight for a week, so I'll see you all next Tuesday! I'll be hitting up the bodyweight WODs and posting up when I can.

  4. 14:48

    HSPU (finally! band assisted: Green)
    Cleans @ 105#
    Dips w/ one strap

    A little worried I was cleaning a bit too much, but took my time on form and really tried to work on moving my knees properly.