Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October 14,2010

Something Quick
Something Heavy
Something Short
Something Else


  1. Good recovery day-
    BS - 35x5,85x5,125x3,175-180f
    DL - 180x3,215X2,245-265f
    Legs sore after squats yesterday.. Should have kept loads lighter
    Short WOD - 5 min amrap of 5DL@125#, 5KBs@16kg ...8rds+2DL.. Its very hard to do a WOD without that "balls to the wall" attitude.
    Stretching/Mobility -legs: on the box, 2 minutes each side, on the ground ankle down 1 minute each side
    Arms - band off the pull up bars, 1 minute each side X2
    Back - foam roller!
    Finish with bike in the rain and a warm epsom salts bath!

  2. Felt sore but good today.

    Deadlift - 135x5/225x3/315x3

    Short AMRAP (We did 10 reps of each):
    3 rounds plus 10 Deads. (DL @ 225#, KBs @ 45#)

    Then played around with some lower back stretching on the GHD, and some ball work on the chest to loosen up form yesterday.

    Not gonna lie. My hands are smoked from yesterday. I could barely hold onto the bar for Deads and Swings haha. I love it!