Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wednesday August 12 2011

Warm Up-Dynamic, then 3x
30 D/U's,10 Lunges,8R/R's
Mobility: Shoulders/Glutes
Skill: Clean and Jerk to max.
Wod- At 60% 1-10-5 of:
Clean and Jerk/Push Ups


  1. #215 C&J max, new PR by 20lbs.

    WOD @ #135, Full Clean & Jerk
    9 rounds even, going up. Hard WOD.

  2. 125# Clean - got under the bar, couldn't stand it up. This is my previous PR, and there was no beating it...suffice to say, the jerk never happened.

    120# for both.


    Done @ 65#
    9th round plus 5 push ups going down the ladder. Loved this WOD! Tough stuff, fo sho!