Sunday, August 28, 2011

Monday August 29 2011

Warm Up: CrossFit Baseball
Strength: S/P 40,50,60%x5
WOD: 12 Min AMRAP of:
5 Ring Dips
10 Wall Ball

Baseball. Batting= 10 Squats then Lunges to first, 10 Push ups, Crabwalk to second,5 Ring Rows, high knees to third, 10 box jumps, reverse lunges home.

If there is no medball available do 10 bar thrusters.


  1. 5 dips
    3 hspu
    10 wallball (1 rd w/ thruster)

    9 rds w/ 3 dips.

    hspu were the real limiter, no surprise bc the dips and wallballs weren't easy as it was on the shoulders.

  2. Nice work this morning. I think we will be experimenting with split wods in anticipation of the student population returning. One group does skill one does wod and we switch, Or we work in partners. In either case it will be fun.

    I did 12 min AMRAP of BW PC, Lunges there 5 ring dips and sprint back. 9 rounds 4 RD at 150#

  3. Only 5 rounds of 5 dips/1 hspu/10 wall balls

    I felt so slow and heavy after a weekend of alcoholic overindulgence...i hope to be back up to speed by, oh, let's say friday.

  4. Shoulder presses (thought light weight) and three too many attempts at ground-level HSPU completely taxed my shoulders. I switched to using an abmat with 10# plates and I still lost a lot of time attempting the HSPU. Big feeling of dissatisfaction by the time 12 minutes were up. 5 rounds/4 RD. then I played with BS and snatches :D

  5. THOUGH light weight, not thought light weight. Yeash...