Thursday, August 11, 2011

Friday August 12 2011

Warm Up: Hoover Ball
Strength: Squat 65 75 85% x 5
Skill of choice 15 min
Wod: 400 M Walking Lunges

We have gone hard on the upper body this week. Loads of shoulder work. So loose class today. Hoover ball is played like volleyball and scored the same. 3 players must touch the ball before it may go over the net again.

Strength-B/S remember add 10 #' to your 90% #
Skill: choose something you suck at and work on it.


  1. an epic battle was waged between arnold and i ...

    arnold took an early lead of 10+ feet and although i was able to claw some of it back, he still held that through the turnaround point.

    at the turnaround point i upped the pace to try and get to arnold ... and upon reaching him i launched the worlds slowest attack and lunge by lunge opened up a gap.

    straining to hear over my ragged breathing i was able to pace myself and neither gaining nor losing any ground finished at 10:29 with arnold finishing 14 seconds later at 10:43.

    good times.

  2. Tis true, I was privy to the battle. A monumental struggle it was.

    Shout out to Krysia who finished the 400 M walking Lunges in 25 and change. WAY TO GO.

    I agree Krysia, never mind 40, let's see them young whippersnappers at 61.