Thursday, August 18, 2011

Friday August 19 2011

Warm Up 3 x CFHQ
Strength: B/S 78 80 90% x3's
Skill: 10 Minutes on the rings.
Wod- 3 min on 1 off of:
Snatch, P/U's,B/J's,HR,KB's

Each rep counts as 1 point. Total points wins. This one is 100% givener.


  1. Dear Tim,

    Are you still human or have you melded with your bike to form some evil cyborg capable of rendering us all red-faced with shame by a display of endless hollow rocks? What do you ponder as you swing effortlessly at the pull-up bar? The frailty of mortal life?

  2. definitely the evil cyborg, I witness it first hand