Sunday, August 7, 2011

Monday August 8 2011

Warm Up: 400M, Medball fun.
Strength: S/P 65,75,85%x5+
Add 5#'s to your 90% #
WOD: 21 15 9 of:
Pull Ups,P/C 135,B/J's
Stretch and Mobilize

WOD: Pull Ups-work the kip not the swing. Cleans-Take a moment to set each clean. Quick elbows, really commit to each one. B/J Whole foot on the box. Try resting on the top of the box not on the ground.


  1. I got punked! Showed up to do this WOD and ended up doing 150 burpies for time instead! Snap! 20:43 I think.