Monday, July 18, 2011

Tuesday July 19 2011

Warm Up: 3 x CFHQ or 12 min
Strength-DL 3x70,80,90%
Wod-Accumulate in any order as quickly as possible:
2K Run,50 Ring Dips,30 HSPU,10 M/U's,2 min L sit and 800#s in OHS

IF you get done early. Mobility or Skill work of choice.

Strength. Same protocol as for the SP. EX 100# SRPx.9= 90#s FInd 70 80 90% of 90#s 15 min MAX!
WOD. 30 Min cap. The run may be broken up into as many intervals as you like.


  1. Awesome WOD!
    Rx'd everything except for those damn muscle ups!
    The L-sit was a killer!

  2. Deadlift 5x95,3x135,3x185
    Work Sets 3x225, 3x260 6 x 290

    Then did a few sets of Ring Dips and Dead Hang Pull Ups