Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wednesday July 6 2011

Warm Up: Dynamic Stretching
3 x 10 Squats, 10 KB'S 5 Burpies
Skill: Split 12 min Rings,Ropes
Wod, AMRAP 12 min of:
10 P/U's,5 Snatches 75% max, 3 OHS


  1. 5 rounds +1 snatch @ 60#

    Rare comment:
    The push-ups were the easy part.

    That was tuff stuff as far as muscular endurance goes - quads and shoulders were screaming (good pain). I also took a bit of cuss from my right (bullshit) wrist, adding bad pain to the overhead work - which I find frustrating because I reeeeeally love overhead work! :(

    Great WOD.

  2. 7 rds + something something ... @ #95

    I am just terrible at OH work ... therefore I feel the need to do more.
    Being humbled by #95 is a sign you've got to get better ...

    Oh and I almost fell down quite a few times. Sigh.

  3. Tim, I fell down about three times. Quite funny...