Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wednesday May 18 2011

21 15 9
Weighted Lunges
Double KB Swings
Push Ups

Strength. Work at something you suck at 3 3 3 3 3 @ 85%


  1. WOW.....who knew there were so many other crazy people who would get up at 6am to get their ass kicked :) Welcome

    Thanks Tiffany, some times I need someone to challenge me to challenge myself. Double kettle bell swings are tough...ugh

  2. Great warm-up Tiff! Or ...... Mike or...... Tiff + Mike?

    More clean work, really tired of sucking at these.

    WOD 6:20 #35 d/b's and strict p/u's

    Foolishly thought I had a lead on Tim for a split second then realized he was a round ahead already! :)

  3. Great stuff everyone. 6:00 am baby, place to be Crossfit Guelph