Monday, May 2, 2011

Tuesday May 3 2011

Another one of Stephs cool warm ups,then:



  1. did some warming up ... hspu's, one arm holds and the like. fun.

    then tim and i lifted some heavy weight a bunch of times. tim c. pr'd on the deadlift ... and did it 3x's. b.a.

    then we did fran.first time for me.

    4:29 ... i think. not so sure i love fran ... haha.

  2. Wow! Fran kicked my ass! I haven't been that winded during a WOD ever. 10:15?? My pullups 3-5 at a time really hurt my time.

    Another benchmark in the books..... Nice!

  3. Loving the morning group, they are such a supportive, talented, driven bunch.

    Thanks Steph for stepping in and kicking our ass.