Sunday, February 6, 2011

Good Monday Feb 7 2011

1 x CFHQ W/U
3 X Burgener
5 3 3 2 2 2 1 1 1 1
Then AMRAP 6 min of:
3 Push ups Sprint 3 Dips


  1. Awesome wod!!

    Hit a PR 100 pound snatch!! and got 8 rounds + 3 pushups

    IF anyone that was there at 6am accidentally took my keys PLEASE let me know!! i kinnndda need them haha.

  2. bah.

    i was not feeling myself today ...
    got to #115 and backed down because of my terrible flexibility, position and technique. although I love hard work, I wish there was a potion that would reverse the tightness/inflexibility/immobility problems. apparently having a man crush on kstarr isn't enough?!
    aren't I the mope today? haha.


  3. I have had a man crush on him for years now. Nothing helps but time, patience and Mwods.

    Awesome job this morning.

  4. Same story as T.P, my ability to get under the weight is limited by flexibility. I got to 120lbs and things got sketchy. Backed the weight down to 95 and pounded out a bunch of reps trying to really get under the bar.

    14rds + 1 dip

  5. I got up to 115, but i have such trouble throwing myself under the bar! I need more aggression...maybe I should start eating red meat again? Get in random bar fights before coming in?

    I can't remember what i got for the WOD--12 or so? I was in a rush to get to something...which I missed anyway...fml

  6. Oh snatch... I definitely need to commit to the full overhead squat

    Ended up matching my PR of 80 lbs!

    WOD was 9 rounds + 3 push-ups

    And since Amber can't figure out how to work her account

    Snatch 85lbs
    WOD 9 rounds + 1 ring dip

  7. Snatches are my nemesis, soon to be best friend ... a little stroking and coaxing necessary. Matched my PR of 80#. Properly executed snatches have become a new goal of mine. El frustrato!!

    WOD - 9 rounds, +2 ring dips.