Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thursday February 3 2011

Warm Up, Three rounds of:
1 min skipping
10 Wall Ball
There and back Inch worms



21 18 15 12 9
Dead Lift 225/185


  1. First: 6am is amazing. The people who show up are awesome and work their faces off, it pushes me to get my sorry arse up and on my bike every morning.

    Second: There are ring rows, be warned.

    Third: I forget how long it took me. I managed to rx it but, damn, that was hard.

    Fourth: Adee ... I'm holding you to 6am. It will change your life only for the better! And you killed it this morning. Awesome.

    End excessively long post. Now.

  2. 6 am was pretty awesome! Really brutal WOD, struggled to do it Rx'd.
    I hope you hold me to it Tim! I wont be there tomorrow but starting Monday that is my plan!!

  3. You did awesome Adee, Really great battle with a very challenging WOD. See you Monday @ 6:00. You really left an impression on some of the other folks who were there. Good on you and awesome effort.

  4. 20:02

    The first 39 deadlifts I managed at 165#, then decreased to 155# for the remaining 27. Yeah man, those ring rows are something fierce! One of the more difficult WODs to have popped up recently...I was actually stomping my feet in wee fits of rage! :P

    I'd like to do that one in a couple months again, see if (and where) improvements have been made.

  5. 14:57

    Definitely wish I could have rx'd this one, though the deads were getting very heavy at 145 lbs!

    Ring rows were surprisingly nasty but I had to beat Amber :D

  6. Ok with the 225 DL and the ring rows went well, but had accept the 2x skips as the DU are not here yet. Time was mid 20's. (back is ok but the memory's not any better)

    Attendance is a good dedication for Feb.

  7. Very impressed with everyone today. It was an honour and privilege to preside over such a great group of athletes. You all ROCK.