Thursday, February 3, 2011

Friday February 4 2011

Happy Friday
3 x Max reps of:
Pull Ups
Ring Dips
KB Swings 1.5/1 pood

Rest 1 minute between efforts and 3 min between exercises.


  1. my hands!!!!

    pull ups 30/20/15
    k2E 20/15/15
    dips 15/10/8
    kb swings 35/25/25

    I am incapable of finding a rhythm on k2e, would do one then dead hang for a bit and then do another, wasted tons of forearm strength just hanging. My first set of kb swings was a bit soft, probably could have pushed more out.


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  3. screwed that up.

    pull ups 38/30/20
    k2e 21/16/16
    dips 28/15/10
    kb swings 50/30/31

    and as i said before i removed it. sore. tired. done.

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  5. Ok let the laughter begin. The students are surpassing the master LMAO. Time for this geriatric (you know who this is directed towards) master to start hitting the rower!
    30 15 10
    19 15 9
    15 10 6
    35 25 15
    I am super proud of every single member we have. Our results speak for themselves and show the kind of gains we can make with hard work and dedication. Fortunately our performance also demonstrates what happens when sleep and nutrition are less than optimal.

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  7. Definitely had to clean some blood off of the KB after this one

    PUs 26/16/14
    K2E 25/16/14
    RDs 6/5/4
    KBs 45/45/30

    And on behalf of Amber

    PUs 32/20/15
    K2E 22/16/(don't ask)
    RDs 5/4/4
    KBs 53/42/33

    This was Ugly (way worse than it looked)

  8. PUs 11/10/9
    K2E 8/8/10
    Sit-ups 50/52/60 (yea, I know)
    KBs 51/26/20

    I think I finally figured out the K2E rythme! Yea me! Now if only I could keep the kipping rythme going for more than 10...also, I can't wait until I can do more than 3 ring dips so I don't have to go the sit-up route...