Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wednesday February 2 2011

Warm Up: 15 min Get Warm
Strength: Front Squat
FInd your max.
6 min of:
5 Burpies 20 D/U's


  1. Alright so starting strength

    B/S 3x5 at 120 lbs
    S/P 1x4 at 60 lbs(failed last rep...shoulder press is one of my weaknesses)
    2x5 at 55 lbs
    P/C 2x5 at 95 lbs (ran out of time for 3rd set)

    WOD: 8 rounds and 5 burpees

  2. starting strength,
    b/s 165lbs
    s/p 95lbs
    p/c 115

    I was fairly conservative in estimating weights, will certainly increase each next time.

  3. Was fun this morning. Although I admit I was a little sore about it initial but when a man is threatened with a flaming bag of poop....action must be taken.