Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Tuesday. Feb 8, 2011

Rack Pulls
Halting Dead Lifts
5 3 3 2 1 1 1 1 1 1
21 15 9

Cleans 135/95
Box Jumps

Warm Up:
Dynamic Stretching
3 rounds of:
20 D/U's
5 Burpies

2 rounds of:
1 minute squat wrestling



    Hope to see you tomorrow at 5pm.

  2. Another great 6:00 A.M class. Adee and Jacquie have joined the gang of 6 A.Mers. Way to go!

  3. I don't quite recall my exact time...9 minutes and change, Rx'd.
    Challenging and frustrating WOD - I rather enjoyed!

    The halting deadlifts were interesting, though I think I prefer to work on full deads.

  4. Being one of two guys in the 12:00 class I would say the best part was the squat wrestling...

    4:33 Rx'ed


  5. that was fun ... a pure deadlift is more 'fun' but I like that we were able to break it down and have a bit of a 'technical' lift session.
    for those of us with gross flexibility issues it is nice to be able to focus on the little things.

    don't recall the time exactly ... 6:38 or so? marc made mincemeat of me ... and I didn't rx it because ... well, i'm wee and weak.

    end. novel. now.

    well, not really. looking forward to what tomorrow brings!

  6. 4:33.. wow Chris that is AWESOME!!... I also loved the squat wrestling

    I finished in 7:24 Rx'd. Great day! 6am group is pretty great!
    See you all bright and early!!

  7. uhh ... pretty great?
    the word pretty lessens the effect of the word great. just sayin.

    i'm sure us 6 am'ers would like to hear something more like ...

    those 6 am people, they are fantastic.


    those 6 am people, amazing!

    just sayin' ...

  8. Those 6 am'ers sure are amazinlgy fantastic!