Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Thursday February 10 2011

Warm Up:
15 minutes, get warm.
Strength Bench Press
3 3 3 3 3

Then Amrap 12 min of:

3 Burpies
20 D/u's
7 KB swings 1.5 pood


  1. 175# for all 5 sets of 3

    80# kb and we did 10 min amrap
    8 rds + 3 burpees

    holy mother of pearl that 80 lb kb demolishes me. it is so freakin heavy. curl up in a ball and cry heavy.
    tons of fun. i like lifting things.

  2. I should not allow myself to look at the WOD's while I am fighting to get rid of a tenacious flu, missing all this good programing is terribly frustrating.

  3. Well couldn't make it in to the box, so did the WOD at home. Started with a 45 min Sprint and Row interval cardio session. Then completed 9 rounds plus 18 d/u's. Looking forward to tommorrow 1200 calorie blast!

  4. Yeah bench press! (no sarcasm there at all!)
    65-70-75-80-85 (with a failed last rep at 85)

    its getting there... slowly haha

    WOD was rough on my lungs for some reason
    Used the 50lb KB for 10 mins

    10 rds + 4kb swings

  5. 10 rds + 3 burpees, 50# KB

    This WOD was tough on my lungs too for some reason, Caitlin. I'm actually wheezing!

  6. Haha good I'm happy I'm not the only one spending my evening coughing up a lung!