Monday, April 11, 2011

Tuesday April 12 2011

We have been on a great run with our Wods. Time for a little switcheroo. Here is something we used to do in the early days.
Work on something you suck at day.


  1. So much fun ... and so much to work on.
    L-sits & L-sit to hand stand (not even close ...haha)
    Pistols (getting there ...)
    Handstand walk (better ...)
    MU's (got 10 in a row)
    Bar MU (got 1 ... they are hard!)
    Back Lever (very very close to a good one)

    So. Much. Fun.
    It is an awesome opportunity to PLAY. I can sense Tiff is excited ... haha.

  2. Since I can't do any of those exercises Tim I worked on my clean........ and it still needs lots of work!
    Cardio Blast = 5 rounds + 2 S/T's