Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thursday April 7 2011

Warm Up:3x10 squat,bicycle,back ext,cobra
Buy in: Accumulate 30 sec L sit/support
Skill: Rope climb, L sit/ground.
Then OHS 3 3 3 3 3

WOD-12 min of: ALT 6 KBS,9 KB Press,12 Swings.
Buy Out: Work on month's skill.


  1. that was a whole lotta hards stuff
    broke l sits into 10 sec. increments...need to work on that.
    sort of climbed the rope in an l sit ... need to work on that.
    felt okay on the OHS but kept it lighter due to my inability to do it well ... marc was KILLING it on the OHS today ... need to work on that.

    KB snatches? Hard.
    One arm KB swings? Hard.
    Need to work on all that ... got 5 something rounds. yarg.

  2. Kettlebell Hell!

    L - sit .... no dice
    Rope climb..... no dice

    OHS x 3 @ 145
    not exactly killing it but thanks Tim

    WOD - 4 rounds + 5 Presses but really 5+ rounds as I did double the required presses the forst 2 rounds.