Sunday, April 17, 2011

Monday April 18 2011

Warm Up, Dynamic
3x 10 of:
Prone Press
Plank Transitions
Mountain Climbers
Strength: P/P 5 3 3 2 1 1

100 D/U's-.5
100 Push Ups-1
100 Squats-1
100 Box Jumps-1
50 Ring Dips-3
50 K2E-3
50 Burpies-3
50 KB Swings-3
25 HSPU-10
25 Pistols-10
25 Strict Pull Ups -10
25 Strict Ring Rows-10


  1. 28:55 +2HSPU +10K2E

    2120 points

    that was fun. my man breasts are tender. I reckon the hardest part was the 100 pushups and the 50 burpies ... keeping those two as far away from each other is KEY (imo).

    fun fun fun fun fun.

  2. AND ... more importantly ..

    erin knocked out not just her first but her second, third and fourth kipping pullups ever today. BAM!
    and this was no fluke, she has been working HARD at getting it down ... so, big up to erin that was completely awesome.

  3. Awesome WOD A.G.A.I.N did only 750 points.
    Thumbs up to everyone, working really hard.
    Congrats Erin!!!

  4. A little confusing for Monday morning!
    1050 points + a few d/u's and p/u's ....... 1075 maybe?
    I likely did the fewest reps but got the most bang for my buck.
    Good work gang!

  5. LOL on that first comment Bender, but you're right!! =)

  6. Congrats Erin!

    As for myself, 969--Bender is right; i shoulda done the burpies instead of push-ups mid-workout and spent the last couple minutes just banging out straight push-ups.

    I should also learn to do a HSPU or else I'm in trouble come May 1!