Thursday, April 14, 2011

Friday April 15 2011

3 rounds of:
600M Run
10 Turkish Get Up 5 per
10 Wall Ball
20 Hammer Swings 10 per
2 Pistols

The ten pound hammers need to be tapped handle down to tighten up the heads. If the wedges move use another hammer to tap it back into place. Make sure cars are well away from the tire,just in case


  1. Loved this WOD especially the hammerswings!!! My running is improving! Time 25 smthg.
    More of these kinda WODs please!!!!

  2. Great Job Everyone this AM! It was kind of cold out but everyone made it through the WOD:)

  3. hitting shit with other shit ... how can you go wrong?
    16 something ..
    love the tgus!

  4. 20:26

    Love the hammer play! So much pent-up anger to release!