Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wednesday July 21, 2010

Warm Up:
200 M run

400M run
30 Shoulder Press 45#
30 Box Jumps
30 Ring Dips
800M run
30 Lunges 45#
30 Ring Rows
30 squats
400M run
30 KB Swings
30 Burpies
30 D/U's


  1. This looks like it's going to be painful! Can't wait!

  2. Quote from Amanda post-WOD: "Uh, I just tasted a bit of breakfast..."

  3. Great efforts so far. Time to beat belongs to Marcia. Her and Amanda went rep for rep at lunch. What an effort!

  4. My computer skills are lacking tonight so I apologize if this ends up here twice. Great turnout for the P.M. WOD tonight. Good to see some new faces, great to see some regulars again. Mike, thanks for the input with the bands. The middle one was the ticket. No spinal injuries and really good range of motion. I got better after a few practice rounds. Tell Tao he can stop laughing. For me tonight, 7 rounds of: 3 cleans @ 205 and 4 ring handstand pushups. I scaled to 135 and band assisted parallete handstand pushups. 11:40. Sweet and sweaty.

  5. Numbers:
    Kym 33:57 12kg 25#
    CIndy 30:00 DNF Time +5 Burpies.
    Susan 33:12 25/25
    Rob 33:0045/45
    Shannon 26:35 16kg/45
    Jackie 33:10 16Kg/45
    Claudia 33:50 12kg/35/25
    Sam 26:02 16kg/45
    Tao 25:17 12kg/17#
    Jessica 25:49 25/25
    Rowan 26:15 12kg/25
    Haley 26:15 16Kg/25
    Marcia23:50 16kg/45
    Amanda 23:28 16kg/45
    Tiffany 23:55 16kg/45
    Chris 28:49 45/45
    Ed 30:42 16kg/45
    Jackie 33:30 8kg/25
    Tony 35:18 16kg/45
    Carol 36:24 8kg 25
    Vanessa 37:00 8 kg/25
    Chris C 22:03 45/45
    Belinda 23:04 16/45
    Erin 26:22 16kg/45
    Meg 28:26 16kg/35
    Brian 27:09 16kg/45
    Al 2?:41 Cant read the pic. 16kg/45

    Great day everyone. Nice to see some brave new souls. I hope Adam and I did not bore you too much. Talk about two fountains of oration. At any rate, great jobs by newbies, Jackie, Annie, Carol and Vanessa. Tony, well what can I say. Honest effort buddy. Well Done!

  6. Great workout last night! First time and I really enjoyed it, even though typing this hurts a little!

  7. Hey Carol, way to get involved on the boards. You ROCKED it last night. Good on you. Hope to see you again soon. We really are a nice group of lunatics.

  8. Hey Mike - I was 25:41 and was using a 20kg kettlebell.....and am really frickin sore today.