Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thursday February 18 2010

20 minutes  max rounds of:

5 thrusters 95/75

10 D/U's


  1. Hi Mike, my mom and I wanted to come into do a class on Friday at noon. Do you know if you'll be having a class at that time? If not, we'll come to the 5pm one.

  2. Class on Friday Afternoon is on

  3. Mike, I miss you.
    Cool news about the tribune. I will see you on Sat. for sure.

  4. Nothing better than a massage right after doing those thrusters......or maybe a massage the day after doing them would be even better? See you Saturday!

  5. Geatan 9 +2T
    Sials 21
    Tracey 19
    SUSAN 11+5 T
    Alec 13
    Marcia 15+3 T
    Stephen 11 4 d/u
    heather 13 + 3 T
    Ryan 15
    Sam 16 +3 d/u's

    Great work everyone.