Monday, March 29, 2010

Tuesday March 30 2010

Seven rounds for time of:

185/125 pound Front squat, 3 reps
15 Push Ups


  1. Sam 105 11:42
    Marcia 125 12:20

    These are guesses as I left mu book in the car. Will correct tonight.

    My WOD for the day is 4-6 hours of hauling rubble from a basement, hauling 60# bags of concrete into the basement, mixing said concrete and wheelbarrowing into a plumbing trench.

    I am offering my body and gratitude to the first person willing to give me a massage tonight. LOL

    Have a good day.

  2. Are we allowed to work off the benches to increase weight, or do your cleans determine your max front squat?

  3. You can work off of the racks. We have room for three. Steph V you're in. The first three people to claim this wod get it. Depending upon numbers we may do something else for the rest of the group.

  4. Dammit no takers! A nice bubble bath will have to do.
    Evening group did:

    work to failure HPC. Then 3 3 3 3 at 50 60 70 80 % Then with 80% of max do 2 cleans 2 burpies, 2 cleans 4 Burpees, 2 cleans 6 burpies.

    Was good. Monica and Greg dropped in and Connor was out again as well. He will be here till April 11. Good Times.

  5. Okay... this is Amanda... need to get a new blogger account for this... Anyways... just had an idear and was wondering if anyone was interested in a food club. It could potentially be an eating club as

    Just curious if anyone was interested in getting together to make some balanced err... possibly zone friendly meals. Still struggling with finding sources of protein (no, I'm not a vegetarian), keeping variety, and eating all that damn produce before it spoils. Just thought group cookin' or meal trading might make eating well a tad easier??? Anyone, anyone??

  6. what the hey... I swear I just posted a comment here... where the heck did it go.... :( Btw Mike... spent the day lugging around shit too... though mine was literal. Sore backs all around.

  7. It was pointed out to me this morning that my massage comment may have been misinterpreted LOL. NO, you don't get my body to play with. Only that I would willingly submit to the pain a massage will cause.