Friday, March 12, 2010

Saturday March 13 2010

3 Envelopes.


  1. Sounds like "The Price Is Right" to me.....
    See you at 10!

  2. F-ing fun. The fitness circus was in full effect today!! Really creative concept, Mike. The team concept is a great way to mix up your workout and get to know different people. Manda and I had a great workout, the time went so quickly. We vote to make this a monthly happening.
    P.S. The A-Team won!

  3. WOD # 1

    AMRAP 12 Minutes of:

    255/175# D/L Two People may lift on each bar.
    Rope Climb
    Jumping Squats
    Burpie Pull Ups
    Box Jumps

    Each team gets 3 Mens and 1 woman’s bar and 3 boxes.

    Dead Lift - 5
    Rope Climb - 10
    Burpie Pull Ups - 7
    Box Jumps - 1
    Jumping Squats - 2

    One Person keeps score/rests

    Winner The "M" Team 3011 points to The "A" teams


    Complete for Time:

    10,000 #’s overhead 10 rep min.
    1000 Double Under’s 50 rep min.
    1000 Broad Jumps 30 rep min.
    1000 Kettle Bell Swings 20/16 KG.

    Each Team will be provided 4 Bars and 400#’s and 4 KB’s 2 each of 20/16kG

    Winner The "A" Team 27:08
    "M" Team 27:40

    I don't have the exact numbers here.


    Bench Press.

    Every member gets 3 efforts to reach a Max. If you fail your previous lifts are disqualified from your teams total.

    Winner The "A" Team 3005.

    Over All Winner - The "A"Team! Way to go guys.

    Team Adam: Adam,Sue,Chris,Heather,Ryan,Amanda,Ed,Tracey
    Team Manda: Belinda, Perry, Amanda, Gert, StephV,Sam, Virginia,Chris.

    Congratulations, that was fun. Without to much fanfare I would also like to mention that each and every one of you enriches my life.


  4. think that feeling is mutual Mike. Thanks Mike and everyone for the good time. By the way, was able to hold my first decent looking L-sit this week (will need to time it). Thanks again.

  5. Super fun fitness circus indeed. Really may as well have been on the playground, it was so engrossing - play not work. I second Adam's motion for monthly team challenge.

  6. I 3rd that motion. Lots of fun, lots of work.

  7. Great workout and thanks to everyone for makeing it so much fun and thanks mike
    for being able to play on that playground something I havened done in a long